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After Sales process

These are the steps in the aftersales process for LeasePlan:

  1. If you are the highest bidder and your bid meets the reserve price you will receive a Notification of Sale from LeasePlan per Email.
  2. On the Notification of Sale the total amount and the bank details of LeasePlan are shown. The total amount must be paid within 5 working days in the local currency.
  3. For non-EU traders a security deposit is required. This amount will be refunded by LeasePlan once a copy of the EUR1 document is sent back to LeasePlan by Email.
  4. Once LeasePlan receives the amount, they will send the Pick Up Notification per Email. The pick up date has to be announced at least 24 hours before you collect the car and the pick-up notification must be shown at the compound in order to pick up the vehicle.
  5. You must pick up the vehicle within 6 working days after receiving the Pick Up Notification. If this limit is exceeded a Parking Fee per extra day will be charged by LeasePlan.
  6. Before loading the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle must be checked for any major damages. All major damages must be noted on the CMR and reported at the responsible person on the compound.
  7. After the vehicle is picked up, LeasePlan will send you the vehicle documents and original invoice per Mail.
  8. Any claims must be reported within 5 days after receiving the vehicle and the vehicle should not be driven more than 50km.
  9. You need to send a good quality scan of the CMR back to the email within 10 working days after the vehicle has been picked up

After Sales support

CarNext Marketplace Service Center can support you during the entire sales and aftersales procedure. Support is available in 14 languages, covering the following steps:

We are here to help you have a hassle free experience and so that you can get the car to your compound with no extra delay.