At the LeasePlan compound

The vehicle is picked up by a transport company:

LeasePlan has a Damage Report done on every vehicle by an independent appraisal company. However we want you to check the car again in case any “new damages” occurred and/or items are missing which were mentioned in the vehicle description.

Check the vehicle carefully on “new” damages (damages that look very recent and have no oxidation). In case you find any damages and you’re certain that these are new or recent, you should report this to the compound personnel and mark this on the CMR prior to transporting the vehicle from the compound.

The vehicle is picked up with export - or dealer plates:

Document the new or recent damages and inform the compound personnel before transporting the vehicle from the compound. The vehicle can not be driven if serious mechanical damages are present as this will exclude any future claims.

These items must be checked at the time of pick-up:

  1. Number of car keys (1/2)
  2. Service booklet (present/missing)
  3. Spare tyre (present/missing)
  4. Winter or extra tires (present/missing)
  5. Navigation system (present/missing)
  6. Extra seats (present/missing)

If the compound personnel refuses to sign the CMR or the report with the “recent” damages or missing items, please give us a call @ +48 22 335 18 38. This way we can add a note in our system.

At the Trader's Compound

Once the vehicle arrives at the final destination, the trader needs to send CarNext Marketplace an email with the CMR (if available), description of the damages including clear and detailed pictures of these damages. The trader must report the “recent” damages within 5 working days after receiving the vehicle and should not have driven more than 50 km with the vehicle.

When the procedures as described above are not followed, the trader will minimise the chance of proving his right in case of any complaints.